Thursday, November 6, 2014

5 Wholesale Mens Jeans In Style For 2015

Mens jeans are all the talk among fashion enthusiasts. Not having the latest trends will surely set you back in mens fashion for 2015. There are so many styles to wear from stone washed, to ripped styles, to even plain black, classic jeans. However, they key to overcoming a dress-code mishap in 2015 is to shop the trends that are truly timeless and will technically never go out of style. In that regard, it means ripped jeans, stonewashed, and even the subtle classic blue and black, solid color jeans styles. Wholesale shopping can be quite tricky, because just about every seller is trying to sell the so-called "latest style". Keep yourself AND your shoppers stylish by navigating the top 5 wholesale mens jeans for 2015 below.

 Suggested Retail Price: $40 Your price: $11.99
Modern Dark Blue Splatter Fade Stonewash Fashion Wholesale Jeans
If you want to know what real mens fashion is, then these pants would be the very definition of that! Sleek, Modern, and OH, just SO stylish! These jeans are simply what makes wholesale jeans shopping fun. Your shoppers can wear these denim jeans with either just a white t-shirt, or even a suit jacket and look amazing. The splatter design against the stone wash makes the jeans very casual, but be assured, the quality design makes them very neat and certainly ahead of mens fashion! Take a look at the specs and more pics for the Modern Dark Blue Splatter Fade Stonewash Fashion Wholesale Jeans by PerfectMensWholesale.

Suggested Retail Price: $40 Your price: $17.99
 The epitome of casual is neutrality! Wearing neutral colors are flexible and calm, but can also be stylish and hip; Sort of like these cool light blue ripped jeans. Excellent for weekend or social wear is this remarkable modern pair of jeans. Wholesale jeans shopping just got a whole lot more fancier with these interesting, slim fit style jeans in the picture! See more of the Cool Light Blue Slim Fit Mens Ripped Jeans by PerfectMensWholesale!

Stylish Dark Blue Modern Stitching Stone Washed Mens Jeans
Suggested Retail Price: $30 Your price: $15.99

Suggested Retail Price: $40 Your price: $13.99


Classic Black Fashion Jeans For Men

Suggested Retail Price: $30 Your price: $15.99
Wholesale Black Jeans Wholesale fashion distribution
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